Urban Chicken Enthusiasts Unite!

Creating community is a vital part of the urban homesteading movement. For why should one make jam or grow zucchini without people to share it with? In a big, crazy city like L.A. there are lots of interesting people doing inspiring things, you just have to find them. I’m always excited to meet new people who are interested in all the things we write about here at Homegrown Evolution. I was lucky to move a block away from Mr. and Mrs. Homegrown and find instant community. Now the neighbors and I have been thinking that we would like to meet more local urban chicken folks. As our flocks age a lot of questions come up and we’d like to learn from more experienced chicken keepers. And we often meet people who would like to know more about urban poultry. So I’ve decided to create a group of L.A. urban chicken enthusiasts. I used meetup.com to create the L.A. Urban Chicken Enthusiasts group.

I like Meetup because the point is to organize face to face meetings. Our group will get together every month or so, eat eggs dishes and talk about raising chickens, local food and sustainability. The L.A. Urban Chicken Enthusiasts meetup group is just for people in the Los Angeles area. Not to worry if you aren’t in L.A., I noticed a lot of other urban chicken groups on Meetup and if there isn’t one in your city you can easily start your own. So if you are local and into chickens, join our group. If you aren’t in L.A. or not a poultry person, just go forth and create a group for whatever you are into, network, make friends and build some community.

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  1. Darn, I’m not local. I live in Long Beach. I’m vegan but the husband and dogs eat eggs. I’ll be happy with the poop. Onward. Please post an update. Maybe I’ll create a meet-up in LB.

  2. Adriana- Long Beach is local enough. The idea of a meetup is to get people together. If you would be would be willing to travel to Silverlake, come on over. Plus, once we get a group of people we could have meetups at different member’s homes all over the area. So one meeting may be in the Valley, one on the Westside, one in the South Bay. Since I’m in Silverlake that is where the first one will be.

  3. I agree that having a community of individuals helps to keep the spirit alive and also helps with motivation and inspiration as well.

    About 6 months ago I joined a local urban homesteaders group here where I live in salt lake city, utah called Utah Urban Homesteaders. We meet at members homes occasionally, have workshops about urban homesteading topics and have even formed a website here: http://www.utahurbanhomesteaders.webs.com/ now we’re working with another local organization to start creating an eco village here in the city:

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