Off the charts

Homegrown Neighbor here. My chicken, Chickenzilla, is at it again, producing several mammoth double-yolked eggs in the past few weeks. The brown egg on the right is more of a normal sized egg, weighing in at extra large on this antique egg scale. Chickenzilla’s egg is way beyond the measure of this scale, weighing in I’d guess at somewhere around extra, extra, extra large. Pretty good for an industrial meat chicken that isn’t supposed to be a good layer, much less survive past three months of age.

The antique egg scale, by the way, hails from Orange County, California. Orange County is now known more for Disneyland and exurban, sprawling tract home developments, but it was once a great agricultural county. This scale is a relic of its golden age of orange groves and ranches. I wonder if anyone in the OC has chickens anymore?

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  1. Whoooo — way to go, Chickenzilla!

    That is a beautiful old scale. I had always thought eggs were measured more by size (does it fit through a certain hole), but that’s something I learned from some old educational film about industrial egg production… not the same at all.

  2. I remember all the crazy eggs we’d find when our chickens were learning how to lay. Super thin shells, elongated, squat, bumpy. One time we found one that was 6 inches long and when we opened it, we found another normal egg inside it!

  3. I gots eight chickens in mah backyard right here in El Toro. My Dad had a scale like that – I’ll have to see if my Mom still has it. Thanks for the memory.

  4. That is one gorgeous egg! Double yolks too?!! Awww…I wish I had chickens. I’m so jealous.

    Awesome scale! I always wondered how they figured out the sizes.

  5. my mom, who is in the OC, has chickens, she also has a chickenzilla with double yolked eggs. But she does not have a friggin sweet as egg scale like that.

  6. Anduhrew- please keep me posted on Dawn’s shop and if there are any local efforts to help her rebuild. That is terrible. With all the stupid stores in Pomona and the one that burns is the organic nursery? The world is so cruel.

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