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  1. how cool is that. Dunno how well it works in a two story house with an attic. Hmms. Would work for attic light though. We are not up there often and not sure that I want to cut into a not-leaking tin roof! =)

  2. a simple bead of silicon around where the bottle meats the roof would seal it well. This would be perfect for my brother’s shed.

  3. The C.W.Morgan, a whaling ship now at Mystic Seaport, has large glass prisms let into its upper deck which light the deck below. We have two of the reproduction prisms in the roof of an outdoor shower and the light gain is amazing. Probably best used in places where leaks won’t matter, though, and only useful during the day, of course.

  4. This was originally designed for warm area’s where the cold is not an issue , I think that the tops were used as a seal in conjunction with some type of sealant.

    I really love this idea though. Great lighting for a workshop to say the least.

  5. Clever. I wonder if they could be adapted to cold climates by adding some sort of antifreezing compound.

  6. would be easier to cut a hole and buy a sheet of plexi and seal it in for any 1st worlders…plexiglass..quite affordable u know:P

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