Cargo Bikes Rule the World

It’s hard to improve on a design as simple and elegant as the bicycle. It’s a bit like trying to redesign the fork or chopstick. But every once in a while a new idea comes along. We could debate the merits of the spork, but I’d rather focus on the current cargo bike revolution taking place in the workshops of bike builders around the world. One such innovator is Lane Kagay who operates a one man cargo bike/rack operation out of Eugene Oregon called CETMA Cargo. Check out his designs at

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  1. How does this improve the old fashioned cargo tricycles I’ve been seeing for 40 years all over the world? I guess I should read the web sites first…

  2. I just wanted to stop by and say thanks for the fast service on the book to UT. It arrived this morning!

    Next I’m off to order my xtracycle add-on

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