Denver and Los Angeles Experience Crowds Staring at Chicken Coops

Denver Urban Homesteaders looking at a chicken coop

Judging from the phone calls and emails coming into the Homegrown Evolution compound, America has discovered that it just might be a good idea to grow some vegetables and keep some chickens. There’s lots of motivating factors, no doubt. A bad economy and dissatisfaction with factory farming to start. But we also suspect that folks have discovered that it’s just plain fun to do all the old home arts with the handy networking tool known as the internet.

Above, the Denver Urban Homesteading meetup group. If you’re in the Denver area (where Mrs. Homegrown Evolution spent her formative years) get to know these fine folks at:

LA Urban Homesteaders looking at a chicken coop. Photo by Elon Schoenholz

In a strikingly similar photo, our urban livestock workshop that we hosted yesterday featuring us talking about chickens, Leonardo Chalupawicz (from the Backwards Beekeepers) on bees and Joan Stevens introducing rabbits. We had to turn away quite a few folks, so watch this blog for news of more workshops soon.

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  1. Thanks for posting! The Backyard Chicken Keeping meetup was a huge hit and I’m looking forward to others soon featuring Beekeeping, Building Composting Bins, Vermiculture and Organic Gardening.



  2. Found your interesting site through the Ethicurean’s link to the Kansas newspaper article that mentions your blog. But I have to tell you, the black background is a killer. Light print on a dark background is harder to read. Just my two cents. cheers!

  3. Hey! That’s my ass! 😉
    Great workshop! I loved meeting you guys & learned SO much! It was inspiring & encouraging! Please do more!

  4. I joined Everetts group after reading the article. My stead is north of Denver.. Due to the noise of chickens I chose rabbits.. I prefer the taste to that of chickens

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