Sky full of Paw Paws

Mrs. Homegrown Evolution is deeply concerned about Mr. Homegrown Evolution’s midlife obsession with rare fruit trees. The California Rare Fruit Grower’s Fruit Gardner Magazine is the new Hustler around here. And now our fruit tree internet video porn needs have been satisfied. This week, the always superb Sky Full of Bacon video podcast from Chicago’s Michael Gebert serves up a tour of Oriana Kruszewski’s orchard which contains Asian pears, paw paws and black walnuts trees. Kruszewski’s knowledge, enthusiasm and perseverance is inspiring.

Sky Full of Bacon 08: Pear Shaped World from Michael Gebert on Vimeo.

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  1. I feel your obsession. I’ve got the black walnuts going on and have been dreaming of pawpaws since I found out that they grow like crazy in NY. They’re on my list of new plants for this year. Woowee!

  2. Fruits I’ve never heard of or seen before are popping up all over my seed catalogs and I’m a drooling.

    Who could resist the delicate Honeyberry? Or turn away the prolific Goji?

    Oh, I’m adding fruit this year too. I’m feeling the love of Elder and Gooseberries coming. 🙂

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