Secondary and Edible

Homegrown Evolution is headed to San Francisco for the week on business and will be away from computers (thankfully). Along the way we’ll be enjoying the agricultural vistas of California’s Central Valley via Amtrak’s lumbering San Joaquin train. In the meantime, please take a look at this fascinating link, the secondary edible parts of vegetables. Cucumber stem tips and young leaves for dinner anyone?

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  1. Fantastic thrifty article. Don’t forget to use all of the animals too… Jamaican chicken’s foot soup is my favorite waste-not-want-not soup. Have a great train ride…

  2. Cool share, thanks. I saved a similar list a while back:


    It has more than the one you linked, but it’s also harder to read LOL. Your link didn’t include banana flowers, and the one I posted only mentioned Australian bush banana. But I’ve read at Asian and Indian blogs about people eating regular banana flowers.

    I’ve been wanting to try to grow a banana tree just for the leaves (have you seen how much Walmart charges for banana leaves?), especially since Houston doesn’t have enough warm season to finish bananas. But I’ve seen plenty of banana flowers growing around here. One of my neighbors threw his banana flowers away — before I found out they were edible LOL

    Here’s what I’ve saved on them (only included the ones with pics that help with preparing them):

    Looking forward to more multi-purpose veggies posts, and maybe some with experiments with recipes.

  3. sweet potatoes (yam) leaves — plus the stem from the leaves (not the vine). Put oil in pan, add sliced or crashed garlic, add sweet potatoes leaves. Stir for 2,3 minutes and when the leaves are limp the dish is ready. Adjust with salt. If prefer add some chilly flakes. In Malaysia we would add dried shrimps and chilly paste.

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