Vote Yes on 2 (if you’re in Cali)

Homegrown Evolution ain’t making any political endorsements regarding that little election thingy happening tomorrow, with the exception of California’s Proposition 2, a measure that would, “prohibit the cruel confinement of farm animals in a manner that does not allow them to tum around freely, lie down, stand up, and fully extend their limbs.” Whether you are left, right, center, libertarian, carnivore, vegetarian or none of the above we think this measure is an important first step in reforming appalling and unsafe agricultural practices that have become all to prevalent since the disappearance of family farms in the 1970s.

Does Proposition 2 address the underlying problems, i.e. bloated farm bills and agricultural policies that subsidize and incentivize large scale industrial farms? Is keeping chickens in big sheds with no sunlight (“cage free” and “free range”) a good idea and will prop 2 take care of this? Sadly, no on both counts. But we’ve gotta start somewhere.

We were especially ticked off to see that University of California veterinarians, supported by our tax dollars (not to mention our past tuition dollars), have lent their support to the anti-prop 2 campaign alleging that removing animals from confinement will lead to disease outbreaks. Since these researchers get their funding from industrial agriculture, one can’t expect anything but biased, junk science. Given the funding situation, it’s also wise to view all extension service advice, even tips directed at home gardeners, with skepticism.

We’ll be voting yes on 2 and, sorry UC, you’ll never see any alumni contributions from us!

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  1. I agree, you gotta start somewhere.

    We already buy eggs that are labeled cage free, vegetarian fed, etc, etc, which ever carton looks the most hen friendly, and we do pay quite a bit more for it. But I look at it like this law, if passed, may make our eggs less expensive, thereby saving our family money.

    I, too, noticed the UC vets speaking against this. Shameful.

  2. I saw there were UC Davis vets on the ballot arguments on both sides, so I’m not sure I’d take my anger out at the UC system (though how to best use any donations is another matter).

    But yes.

  3. I read the arguments for/against the proposition that you linked to and wow… just wow. I love how they capitalize BIRD FLU at every opportunity, playing on people’s fears even though there has been absolutely no evidence that birds outdoors are more likely to contract bird flu.
    My favourite argument from the pro-factory farm sector is that keeping birds in tiny cages protects them from predators. Predators… like things that will eat them? Like humans? I’m pretty sure keeping them in cages makes them 100% likely to be eaten by a predator. Er… unless they impale themselves on their cage or die of disease first.


  4. I just bought your book – it’s great! I can’t wait to get started. I’m going to start slow and grow tomatoes and a compost box. However…I feel it’s incredibly short sighted to slam the UC Extension Service. Those UC folks work with kids in 4H which yes, kind of support the ill-fated romance of the cattle industry – but a lot of low-income kids get hands on experience with a lot of the stuff your book talks about. My cousin is a 4H graduate and even though she wouldn’t call herself ‘a greeny’ she certainly consumes wayyyy less than some of my friends in small part because she grows year-round. Just a thought. But again, thanks for putting together this book. I’ll be sure to pass it around to my friends!

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