Rainwater Harvesting and Beyond

If you live in a dry climate like we do here in Los Angeles your bookshelf should have a copy of one of Brad Lancaster’s amazing books. Through very simple techniques, most of which can be executed with a shovel and a free afternoon, Lancaster shows you how to turn a barren landscape into a Garden of Eden. Lancaster empasizes earthworks which capture and channel water where you want it to go, instead of uselessly sending it down the gutter.

For those of you in Southern California, Lancaster will be delivering a free talk at the Santa Monica Public Library Monday September 15th at 6:30 p.m. More info via Westside Permaculture Gatherings.

If you’re not in SoCal, you can get more information about Lancaster’s work and order a copy of one of his books on his website, www.harvestingrainwater.com.

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  1. Before you set up that rain barrel… make sure it’s not illegal to collect the rain that falls on you.

    As crazy as it might sound, there are laws in some states that say the rain is not yours to collect.

    Just Google “rainwater collection illegal” to see some of the stories.

  2. As far as I can tell it is NOT illegal in LA.

    Looks like it’s ok to collect and use water on your own property, but not distribute/sell it to others.

    Probaly a water safety thing.

  3. Where it’s illegal it’s usually about water rights–i.e. the water utility does not want folks intercepting rainwater that would flow (theoretically) into their reservoirs. I’m sure that this kind of law is rarely enforced, however.

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