Two Girls Fight Produce Stand Closure

Several readers sent me a link to a ridiculous story about two young girls busted for selling homegrown produce in front of their house (watch the video via KGO-TV San Francisco). You should check it out if just to see the amazing garden this family seems to have. Their struggle reminds me of the equally ridiculous taco truck war raging here in Los Angeles. Funny how this allegedly capitalist country seems to stamp down the entrepreneurial spirit when it emanates from the hoi polloi.

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  1. Just remember, our government thinks ‘small business’ means someone with 150 employees. A family just trying to make it doesn’t even count. Coming down on little girls, that’s a whole new low.

    I really enjoy your blog, we have a three acre farm with some fiber livestock for spinning, my own modest garden for the first time this year, and chickens. I am hoping to expand our little ‘homestead’ as we learn. Some of the info on your blog has been a real help.

  2. I am really beginning to understand how all these regulations really just creates ridiculous situations. Come on, what really is the harm here. Anyway, one idea would be that they “suggest” donations. I would like to see them trying to shut down people giving away food!

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