How to Catch and Eat a Rat

We certainly have rats around our little Los Angeles compound, but we’ve never considered eating them. Thankfully potty-mouthed survival expert Cody Lundin, author of 98.6 Degrees The Art of Keeping Your Ass Alive, shows you how in this youtube highlight. If you enjoyed the squirrel melt video we posted some time ago, you’ll love this one as well. And the kids will dig those rat pelts!

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  1. I was so on board as he extolled the virtues of simplicity, gratitude for life, doing more with less!

    Then he ate a rat and I found myself looking for a vegan foraging guide!

    Some of us are hunters, some of us will be the hunted!

    I’m scared!

  2. Alright, that cool trap is driving me nuts… anybody know how it works? I can’t see how the top horizontal stick is holding up the rock…

  3. I wouldn’t recommend keeping rat pelts as rats carry an encyclopedia of viruses and bacterium. And I’d make sure it is cooked well – almost to the point of being charred.

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