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Today at approximately 11:50 AM, after a morning of god-awful screeching, our Rhode Island Red, Stewpot–who is in the foreground of the picture above–laid her first egg–that is, our very first homestead egg.

Go Stewpot!

Of course this event would happen when Mr. Homestead is out of town & in possession of the camera. The lay site was a difficult to access cranny behind the coop. It may not have been photograph-able anyway, but I will report that the egg was deposited quite attractively in a shallow bowl of yellow and brown leaves. I got it while it was still warm, having come out to see what this most recent and particularly loud round of screeching was all about. Stewpot walked away from her egg with nary a look back. The egg was amazing in the hand–warm and heavy and almost pulsing with life.

To mark this historic day, I did what I could to record the blessed egg: I scanned it alongside a Trader Joe’s grade A brown for comparison, which resulted in the mysterious, murky image you see below.

Stewpot’s egg is smaller than the commerical egg, but it is her first. Her egg looks the same color at first, but close up it is covered with tiny brown speckles, whereas the Joe’s egg is more monotone.

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  1. Aaron:

    Having no bread for the classic egg/ toast combination, which would have been the ideal laboratory for a taste analysis, I instead fried the “first fruit” and Ate of It on top of spicy black beans–so I lost all the nuances beyond “fresh egg.” But it was deep yellow, with a perky yolk. Even the white was amazingly thick and solid.

    I must admit it was kind of weird to eat something that came out of Stewpot. There was a slight cannibalistic tinge to the whole affair, ridiculous as that sounds. But Stewpot herself is a cannibal, and no doubt would even eat me if I’d hold still for it, so the guilt was short lived.

    And ant b, it’s going to be all about rocket stove fry-ups when the other ladies start earning their scratch too!

  2. I’ll see if I can get Gavin Newsom to issue a proclamation while I’m up here. If not maybe you can give Tom LaBonge a call.

  3. I just started reading your site, so I’m back reading a bit. I love it! I’m about to get my own outlaw chickens here in detroit, once the coop is finished being built.

    What type of chicken is that golden and black one in the back ground of the picture?? She is so pretty.

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