See Homegrown Revolution this Saturday!

Homegrown Revolution has never been to Burning Man, but we’re big fans of the movie The Wicker Man and we figure it’s probably similar, which is why we’re happy to announce that we’ll be doing a brief appearance at the Los Angeles Burning Man Decompression this Saturday October 13th in support of our book The Urban Homesteader, due out next May from Process Media. The Burning Man Decom will take place on Sante Fe between the 4th and 6th Street Bridges in the Artist District deep in the beating heart of downtown Los Angeles (map). We’ll be delivering a harangue sometime around 4 or 5 pm. Come out and see us and stay for the sacrifice!

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  1. Perhaps we’ll tell the story in detail later. We met some great people, but let’s just say that it’s hard to get attention with a self-watering bucket when you’re next to the entrance and people are rushing to get to a laser light enhanced rave down the street. Also, we’re not exactly the “burning” types. We’ve never seen so much fake fur in one place. And thanks again Ken for your contribution to our book!

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