Weed Eating Italian Style

Here at Homegrown Revolution we’re big proponents of eatin’ your weeds, which is why we were delighted to stumble upon an article on virtualitalia.com that contains a couple of weed recipes including dandelion egg salad and stinging nettle lasagna. As the article points points out Italians are one of only a few Western cultures that still actively forage.

Spring approaches and with it a free salad bar and produce section just waiting to be picked. Homegrown Revolution declares 2007 the year of the weed!

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  1. we used to have old greek guys and this old german lady wander our fields to pick dandelions and burdock and purslane. this was on a farm in illinois…

    dandelion kimchi and dandelion coffee are also so wonderful and easy to make.

    getting that liver care and minerals whenever i can to offset my homemade fermeted bev consumption and just general connection to the beautious plant.

    i just made a pate of dandelion, tofu, and wild plum jam and a dash of tamari and it was rockin’!

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