Secure your Ride Part II

In an earlier post we discussed pro-wrestling scholar and Toronto bike outlaw Nicholas Sammond’s controversial bike locking strategy. Nic wrote us back to say that we got it wrong – he hose clamps his back wheel and locks the front, not the other way around. We stand corrected.

We’ll be looking at some other locking strategies later on. In the meantime this video demonstrates the frustrations of the ever evolving locking strategy problem as well as dissecting the social dynamics of crowds, specifically the fact that the more people who are around the less likely it is for anyone to intervene when something goes wrong:

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  1. I’ve got to say this is not the most convincing demonstration of man’s apathy toward man

    He looks like a bike guy. He even wears a messenger bag. If I witnessed the event, I’d think it was his bike, and he’d lost the key. The more elaborate the operation the more innocent he appears.

    I say have a skinny litte Puerto Rican kid go after the bike, and see what happens. That would be the real test.

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