Tools and Contacts for the Press

Kelly and Erik and Jane the Chicken.  Photo credit: Caroline Clerc. Please feel free to use this screen-quality author photo as you like. See link below to a download a high-resolution version of this image for print.

Basic Biography:

Kelly Coyne and Erik Knutzen grow food, keep chickens, brew, bike, bake, and plot revolution from their 1/12-acre farm in the heart of Los Angeles. They are the keepers of the popular DIY blog, Root Simple, and the authors of The Urban Homestead (2008), which the New York Times calls “…the contemporary bible on the subject” and Making It (2011) a project book for post-consumer society.

In addition to their writing and blogging, Kelly and Erik teach and speak on the topics of self-reliance, urban gardening and sustainability.

Other Info:

  • Contact us:
  • Coyne is pronounced “coin.” Knutzen is pronounced “KUH-newtsen.” Coyne and Knutzen are married
  • Literary agent: Byrd Leavell, Waxman Literary Agency
  • Press contact at Rodale (for Making It inquiries): Olivia Baniuszewicz –
  • Press contact at Process (for The Urban Homestead): Adam Parfrey
  • Link to high-resolution version of the author photo above. Photo credit: Caroline Clerc
  • Link to author CV