Picture Sundays: A Handy Handyman

Kelly found a soggy flyer on a sidewalk near our house. The front showed a picture of a man with a mullet hairstyle holding a trophy below a headline “Best Handyman.” On the back said handyman promised the services you can see above. I laughed, then realized that it was my exact jack-of-all-trades-master-of-none set of skills. Well, except for “hydrophany” and gutters. And you’ll have to go to Kelly for both the fine art and the house painting.

Picture Sunday: A Winter Harvest in Florida

Root Simple reader Noel Ramos sent the picture above of some local fruit grown in Florida to remind us that winter gardening is big there too. Noel grows over 500lbs of fruit and veggies every year on a quarter acre city lot. In the picture:

Canistel, Rollinia, red navels, Ruby Red Grapefruit, Carambola, pineapple, sapodilla, sugar apple, dwarf Cavendish bananas, ambarella, jaboticaba, jackfruit flowers, papaya, lemon and red palm fruits (inedible).


If you’ve got a picture to share, send it along to us at [email protected].

Picture Sundays: Mountain of Squash

This mountain of heirloom squash was the centerpiece of the National Heirloom Exposition that took place in Sonoma in September of last year. Next year’s Exposition will be taking place on September 10, 11, and 12 at the Sonoma County Fairgrounds. The past two years have featured an amazing roster of speakers and exhibitors all for a very low admission charge. It’s well worth traveling a long distance to attend this unique event.

If anyone is interested in camping nearby with the Root Simple crew this year leave a comment and I’ll put something together.

Picture Sundays: A Native Bee Hotel

Don’t know much about this native bee house other than that it’s near Paris.

For more info on native bee habitats, see our post from earlier this year.

Update: reader Drew left a comment to say that this habitat is in the Jardin des Plantas in Paris which is attached to the Muséum national d’histoire naturelle (http://www.mnhn.fr/le-museum/).

Thanks to David Dalzel for the tip.

Picture Sundays: Unique Cadillac Cargo Carrier

Spotted in the posh HaFoSaFo district of Los Angeles, a re-purposed pickup truck shell serving as a cargo carrier.

And since it’s so spectacular–here’s another view. A note about the house in the background: if an object stands motionless for long enough in this city it will get stuccoed. The Cadillac? It too will have a layer of matching beige/orange stucco within a year or so. Then house flippers will buy them both and rehab the interiors to look like something out of Dwell Magazine by way of Home Depot.

Sunday Spam: Automatic Chicken Cage

We interrupt the usual picture Sunday feature to bring you the best and most misdirected spam email that has ever graced the Root Simple in-box:

Dear Sir or Madam,

Liaocheng Dongying Hengtong Metal Manufacturing Co.,Ltd here. Glad to hear that you are on the market for Automatic chicken cage. We are a professional producer of the complete sets of equipment for raising birds. At present, it is an enterprise which has the import-export license and exports a batch of complete sets of automatic equipment for raising chickens.

These products gained good prestige among customers and they are not only used in great-scaled biological raising farms in domestic provinces, but also exported to Middle Asia, South and East regions, Australia, South America, Middle East areas, Africa mainland and so on in great lot. We are willing to wholehearted with all the friends and customers to establish good relations of cooperation, realize a win-win benefits, and create a magnificent performance. If any interest, feel free to contact me.

Best regards,
Senior Sales Manager,

Clearly a product that’s not a win-win for the chickens, but thank you “Fatma” for providing us with some much needed scratch for the blog.