Are You Gardening on the 4th?


In the garden today? I just got back from a three day tour of San Francisco Bay Area gardens and will be reporting on that trip soon. In the meantime, I’ve put up over 600 photos from the “Garden Blogger’s Flinghere.

Above is a bee visiting a striking plant at Sunset Magazine’s headquarters. Unfortunately, I did not get the name of the plant. Bragging rights go to the person who names it in the comments . . .

Saturday Linkages: DIY Coffee Tables, Ride Shares and Hot to Grill

coffee table made with pallet

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Metro threatens Phantom Planter with arrest if he tends his DuPont Circle station flowers

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Straw Bale Garden Tour Part I

In this vide we take you into the backyard for a tour of our straw bale garden.

We started rotting the bales in late April by adding blood meal. In May we added a balanced fertilizer and started planting the bales. In the video you’ll see the veggies we planted in early June.

The soaker hose you see comes from Home Depot. I’m pretty sure it is this stuff.

Every other week I add some fish emulsion to a watering can and hand water the plants to make sure they have enough nutrients.

Leave your questions in the comments.

Homestead Academy: A Two Day Course in Kitchen Self-Reliance

postergrowcology copy

I’ll be doing a keynote speech at the end of an intensive weekend of classes in bread baking, vinegar brewing, yogurt making and more. The event, which will take place on July 6th and 7th is presented by Growcology and the Emerald Village and will take place in Vista, CA.

This weekend intensive is designed to catapult you into a life of self-reliance through homesteading. Join Growcology and the Emerald Village Volunteers as we share the simple and effective ways to make: yogurt, cheese, butter, bread, home cleaning products, beer, salves, infusions, preserving, and healthy cooking. Special features include local farmers and food providers.

For more information and tickets head here.

Picture Sundays: Do You Believe In Magic?

mural at Sunset and Coronado

I really like this mural that just appeared in our neighborhood near the corner of Sunset and Coronado.


Bunnies tumble out of a magic hat and there’s a silhouette of a coyote and crow (common urban wildlife here).


The text, “do you beleav [sic] in magic” brought a smile to my face as I waited for the bus. My day had been re-enchanted by this symbolic bit of street art.