Saturday Linkages: Logs, Invasives and Italian Veggies

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Italian veggie tips: Amicidellortodue 

The Trouble with the Word “Invasive” | Garden Rant …

Colon shaped tiny hotel:

OTIS | Tiny House Swoon 

Changing the maple syrup paradigm. Crazy efficient, yet also grim, from the tree’s perspective– and mine. …

Urban Nature: How to Foster Biodiversity in World’s Cities by Richard Conniff: Yale Environment 360 from @YaleE360 …

Building With Logs – 1957 USDA Government Pamphlet 

Milky The Marvelous Milking Cow toy (1977) – Boing Boing …

The Sony SRF-39FP: The Audio Player of Choice in Prison …

John Dobson dies at 98; former monk developed easy-to-make telescope,0,6483430.story …

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  1. I thought the small, cut-off sugar maple tree was a sad sight. Sort of a mad-scientist version of a sugar-bush. And would it be sustainable over many years?

  2. Had to comment on “Milky” the toy cow in Saturday’s post. I actually have one of these, sitting somewhere in my mother’s attic.

    I have no idea why my parents thought it would be a good gift, at the time, but it’s funny to see that someone else remembers it’s existence.

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