Saturday Linkages: Goats in Sweaters, Evil Gardeners and Cooking in the Dishwasher


Goats in sweaters! …

Transparent Cabin Built of Wood and Mirrors in California Desert …

Evil, Frivolous Gardener!!! | Garden Rant …

No Queso-Dilla …

Is there norovirus where you are going? There’s an app for that

The sous vide of the suburbs: Cooking Thanksgiving in the dishwasher

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  1. From what I know of goats, I wonder why they don’t eat their clothing or the clothing of other goats.

    About the author of cooking in the dishwasher, his little bio said:

    “Through using new methods and messages, Ben hopes to compel folks from farm-to-fork to change food safety behavior and create a culture of food safety.”

    Has safety been a problem with this group?

    • That blog is written by university food safety folks. They have good points but also have an ax to grind that I don’t always agree with. That being said, when I’ve volunteered as a master food preserver, I’ve run into a lot of unsafe canning practices. And using a digital thermometer when cooking meat is a good idea, I think.

  2. I make those “quesa”dillas all the time, but I chop up some veggies to put inside (onion, carrot, pepper, zucchini). It is amazing with fresh salsa.

    Sweater goat is cute, but what happened to his poor horn?

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