Saturday Linkages: Chicken Hot Dogs and Toilet Museums


Printing press made from IKEA drawers: …

How to Build a Gypsy Caravan from Recycled Materials…


Home Depot’s Leaf Bags and their Eco-Terrible “Tips” | Garden Rant …


High-Hanging Tea House Offers Suspended Getaway | Designs & Ideas on Dornob …


South Korea’s toilet culture museum: …

Chicken hotdogs and garters for boys who want to be manly: …

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  1. You know, the “Garters for Boys” ad might be vintage, but they are actually still pretty popular in the military! Some use “sock garters” like shown in the ad, and some use “shirt garters” which connect the socks to the shirt tails in Class A and Class B uniforms so shirts stay tucked and look sharp! Just thought that might make a few fellow readers think “Really?” But yeah…it’s true!

  2. Wow a toilet museum! I would actually find that an interesting place to go. The Home Depot thing was interesting, I don’t really add anything my lawn. The printer made out of a Ikea dresser was cook. I remember learning about the printing press in college. Thanks for an interesting Saturday read. :)

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