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  1. no probs my sub to your old blog (joined today) has now changed to the new url im starting to look around, cant wait for the new book (mmm do i need more books? maybe just 1 or 2 or 3 more)

  2. easy changeover, no problem with my blogger links. I personally prefer a softer background than white as easier on the eyes, but can adjust my monitor, and know that most folks don’t care. (some older eyes find that much white to be a bit dazzling to look at)

  3. The mobile site is working great as is the regular website. Love the new look, one question/concern though. I just started reading your blog about a week ago and love it. Before you switches to Root Simple I was reading through your old archived posts. Are you going to have the same ability to scroll through those and read specific ones? Also it would be wonderful to have the ability to search for something like say chickens?

  4. The site works fine on an iPod touch, coming out in mobile form. It also looks fine viewing the web version on it.
    But, when typing the address, ‘rootsimple’ brings me to a godaddy page, and typing ‘www.rootsimple’ brings me to your blog. It’s minor, sure, but may make it easier to access the site.
    Lastly, while you’re fiddling with things, your books page lists Borders as a source for your books, and Borders shows your book on backorder for two to six weeks. Will you still be using them, or will you take them off your list?
    All in all, it reads great!

  5. It seems we have split camps on the white screen vs. black screen issue among our readership, just as we have here at home (Erik likes the black, I like the white.) Maybe we can switch the background out annually in honor of the two sides!

  6. Prefer the dark print against the light background. For just plain text it didn’t matter much, but when you put up links they kind of got lost. How about a compromise to a slightly tinted background? Ecru, mud, cloud grey? Liked homegrown evolution though. It really stated what you two were about and doing! Root Simple is okay, although that parsnippy dangle thingy isn’t attractive to my eye. We all have our POV!!

  7. I appreciate the change to the light background and dark text – I lasted about 10 seconds at the most reading through the old format. A slightly tinted background (light tan, blue, grey) would also work and not be so stark.

  8. I like the strobing idea, you can market it as. “Root Simple, a party in every post”
    OR you can do what some sites do and have a button where you can switch between black on white and white on black.

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