DIY Wall Mounted Wine Bottle Vases

These wine bottle wall vases (via Dude Craft) are proof that the interwebs occasionally echo with good ideas. A variation on the wine bottle tiki torches I linked to earlier, you can make the hangers with parts from the plumbing isle. See Design Sponge for instructions on the torch version. Having seen two houses catch on fire in our neighborhood this year, I’d recommend the flower vase.

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  1. Very pretty, and a nice alternative to lighting the neighborhood on fire. Do you put water in the vases, and if so, how easy is it to empty them?

  2. Hmmm…I’m wondering how you ever clean those bottles out. You know how gunky a flower vase can get. You’d need a bottle brush and some patience. It’s a beautiful idea, but it strikes me that “dudes” never scrub out flower vases.

  3. I am feeling really silly, but I cannot find a functioning link (including the one above) that takes me to instructions for how to make these. As I have not seen the instructions, I am just guessing here, but it looks to me as if the tension holding the bottle could be loosened, thereby allowing the bottle to be removed and cleaned. If anyone can send a link to the instructions I would love to make one!

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